Founder and President

Chris (Jia Shu) Xu


Mr. Xu grew up in a small farming village in Yangzhou, China, during this time, many families were moving out of the countryside to cities in China and North America. In January of 1986, Mr. Xu and his family moved to the United States to find their “American dream.”

As President of United Construction and Development Group, Chris has earned respect with his malleable leadership style, candid nature, and versatile experience within the industry. Mr. Xu is attentive in procuring new developments and properties, and utilizes his skills to evaluate, analyze, and source solutions throughout the construction process. He continues to challenge himself by consulting for organizations and local businesses as well as participating in committee boards and panels.

As a natural leader, Jia Shu began networking and engaging with his local community all while developing lasting relationships with contractors and partners. He became a member of the New York Chinese Business Association which has been a major pillar of support for his business ventures and investments. The involvement in his local community and networks are the roots of his successful leadership skills as well as his recognition abroad.